The Selling Process . . . Steps taken to get your home Sold!

1. Call David NeuDuring the first phone call, the information gather process begins. David will ask you several questions to help in his research of your home, as well as to understand your goals and expectations in selling your home.

2. Market Research – With the information gathered on the phone call, plus exploring data in the local mls and property tax records, David will prepare a comparative market analysis(CMA) to determine your home’s value in comparison to homes sold in the area and even homes that are currently on the market for sale.

3. Home Visit – David will schedule a time to visit your home, where he will take a tour, explain how he will get your home sold, present the market research, discuss pricing strategies, review the costs involved in selling, explain all contracts, and answer any questions you may have.

4. Listing Your Home – When you decide to list your home, all contracts will be finalized, David will gather specific details about your home, photograph the interior and exterior of your home, install the lockbox and For Sale sign, enter your home’s information into the local mls, and prepare/schedule all marketing.

5. The Showing – Once your home is listed in the local mls, you could begin to get showings immediately. We have a third party service that has extended hours, plus use the latest technologies, to maximize your opportunity to get more showing. After each showing, the showing agent is sent an email request for feedback, which will be sent to the Seller upon receipt.

6. Market Updates – During the listing period, I will provide ongoing market updates, including any homes that have sold or that come on the market that are similar to your home.

7. The Offer – When we receive an offer on your home, I will present the offer to you, discuss the price and terms of the offer, explain your options, and determine the best way to move forward.

8. Accepted Offer – Once we have an accepted offer, there are many things to do to get to closing, and I am there every step of the way. I will coordinate all details with the title company, Buyer’s mortgage company, Buyer’s agent, Inspectors and Appraisers.

9. Home inspection – Most home buyers will have a home inspection. This will typically happen within 10 days of accepting the offer. Once we receive the Buyer’s Inspection Response, we will discuss our options. I have a network of contractors that can assist with any repairs that need to be made.

10. Closing Day – Closing day is a very exciting time. Most all details are in place, and you can relax and enjoy the experience. During the closing, there are only a few final documents for the Seller to sign. It is the Buyer that has the majority of documents to sign.